Monday, May 24, 2010

Host Family!

I have a host family! I recieved and e-mail from my host brother yesterday at about 9 am. His name is Keitraro. His family lives in Nishinomiya City in the Hyogo prefecture. It is close to Osaka and Kyoto! I AM SO EXCITED! I have always wanted to go to Kyoto! :D Here's the first email he sent me:
Dear Kevin!
My name is Keitaro. I am your host brother.
We have recieved your letter today.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
Sincerely yours,
So then I sent him an email asking about location and his family. He responded:
Hello Kevin! Thank you for mailing.
I live in Nishinomiya-city,Hyogo. It is next to Osaka and Kyoto.
I have four people in my family. My family is consist of my father,my mother,my younger brother(14),and small dog.
Do you have any other questions?

こんにちは、ケビン! メールしてくれてありがとう。

P.S. ケビンも日本語が上手ですね(^-^*)♪
So, I sent him another email asking about his likes and what not to help me with buying gifts. This is so exciting! I am positively ecstatic!

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  1. YES! Kevin this is so awesome! It's so cool that you have a dog too! I'm so happy for you! xD