Monday, May 10, 2010

New Orientation and Presents

Well, I just received an email stating that my orientation was moved from Fishkill, NY to Newark, OH. The date was even moved to May 22nd. YAY!!! I can go to the band read through!!! But I still am going to take all my exams early, just in case. :p

I started making a to-do list for Japan and dang is it long! lol I still have to get presents for my host family. I have so much to do!!!! I think I might explode from all the pressure. X(

Maybe I'll get a host family soon... I really hope so! :D

Soo... I would like so input on ideas for host family presents. Comments with some input and suggestions would be immensely appreciated. Thanks!

For brother(s)/sister(s) my age:

1. A decorated mix CD of American music (Beatles, beach boys, etc.)


For Younger sibling(s)

1. Transformers?

2. TNMNT? Age depending



Not sure yet... blanket is too big to take in suitcase. Maybe something handmade like a pillow case or something? Any ideas?

Hopefully I get more info soon! Thanks for reading! XD


  1. What about a cookbook? With American recipes.Or bath soaps for the mother? And what about buckeyes? (the candy kind) A Poster of an American natural Icon (like New York skyline or The red wood forests) would be nice too. Hand cream with fruit stuff in them would be nice too. (arnt those rather expensive in Japan?)

  2. I like the idea of a cookbook and buckeyes. A poster would be a good idea too! I have to be careful about how much I take though...I have very little space. lol