Monday, May 17, 2010


Something that I possess very little of. lol Well, my orientation is THIS weekend! This is my little motivation to get me through this week. I think I'm getting a horrible case of senioritits. Everyday feels like it drags on forever and I feel unmotivated to do anything really. lol Japan can not get here quick enough!

I decided that on my host family presents (well, for the most part). I'm going to give my host mother a cook book full of family recipes. (Thanks Jen for the idea!) I'm going to get them buckeyes and maybe some other unique candies. I'm going to make mix CD's for my host siblings and give them fun candy like, wonder balls! (do they even still make them?!) I'm also going to look for some Ohio merchandise such as hats or sweatshirts.

My parents ordered me a credit card and opened me a checking account. They also ordered a debit card. This is so new to me. I actually have a signature now! I just have to remember to sign it the same way every time! lol


I've also thought about using the computer in Japan. The biggest complaint from host families is kids using the computer too much. That's why my mother is going to change my FaceBook password once I leave. I'm also going to blog only 2-3 times a week and i will try to add pictures while I'm in Japan but I will probably add them once I get home. I do not want to be the exchange student who hogs the internet! lol Well, that's all for now. Hopefully I get a host family soon! :) Thanks for reading! :D


  1. my orientation is this sunday! So excited, only like 28 more daYS!!!!

  2. opps meant 24 days :) for me atleast

  3. Wow! Thats awesome Kevin. Your orientation is so soon! It must make the fact the WERE GOING TO JAPAN more real. It hasn't even sunk in for me yet. Haha.
    My mom is buying me a netbook for my stay in Japan. She's making me Facebook her all the time.

  4. Fo sho they still make wonderballs! I saw some in the store the other day. I miss those things :/
    And I've heard for credit cards you don't need to do the same signature. In fact, my friend's sister just does a smiley face and it accepts it :]

  5. It still hasn't hit me! lol I kinda hope it hits soon... XD I have 22 days until I am in Japan! :D Laura, that signature smiley face story made my day. lol I'm going to start the hunt for wonder balls!